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Customer Profile – Cooper Service

The Customer Profile featured in this blog post is Cooper Service of Orland Park, Illinois. Cooper Service is a full-service auto and truck repair facility, with light-duty and heavy-duty towing and recovery capabilities.

Don Cooper is the 2nd generation owner of the business. Don’s father, Paul, started the business in 1956 as a Conoco-Phillips station on West 159th Street in Orland Park. The business was named Paul’s Conoco until about 15 years ago, when the name was changed to Cooper Service, Inc. It was also about that time the business changed locations, and moved to its present address at 16400 South 104th Street in Orland Park.

Cooper Service boasts 16,000 square feet of space. This includes 11 service bays, with overhead cranes in each bay, and an entrance and lobby area roughly the size of the original location.

No job seems too big, or too small for Cooper Service. Their services include complete auto and truck repair, computer, mechanical and electronic diagnostics and repair, and a heavy-duty and light-duty towing and recovery program. It has three tow trucks and an onsite mobile service truck.

“Our #1 goal is when a customer’s vehicle leaves here, their problem is fixed,” Don Cooper said. “Cooper Service invests in the facility, tooling, equipment and personnel training to make that goal a success.”

Speaking of personnel, Cooper Service is staffed by 10 associates, including four ASE-Certified technicians. The company encourages their employees to further their automotive education, as it helps determine their pay level. Cooper will pay for additional employees’ education, depending on the subject of the seminar.

Cooper Service has been an installer of JASPER® quality remanufactured gas and diesel engines, transmissions, differentials and diesel fuel components since the 1950s. “Product quality is #1,” said Don Cooper. “Our customers are happy with JASPER components. If there ever is an issue, it is taken care of quickly and professionally.”

“Cooper Service continually invests in whatever it takes to do the job right for the customer,” added Don. Whether that be in the tooling, facility improvements, or the training of our employees.

The future for Cooper Service is to continue to grow and invest in the business, and to continue to provide the best service for their customers.


CP Diesel & Automotive

The Customer Profile for this blog post spotlights CP Diesel & Automotive in St. Cloud, Florida. Primarily a medium-duty repair facility specializing in Ford, Chevy and Dodge (RAM) diesel pickup trucks. CP Diesel & Automotive is also a full-service location for passenger car and truck repair. Owner Christopher Ofeldt worked as a crane operator for 10 years and learned diesel repair and maintenance through that occupation. In February of 2008, Christopher enrolled at a Universal Technical Institute campus in Central Florida. After graduating, Christopher found a job at a nearby Ford dealership and worked in the diesel department for a brief time until he and his fiancé cashed in their life savings to open CP Diesel & Automotive in 2011. Located at 2013 Jaffa Drive in St. Cloud since its opening, CP Diesel & Automotive originally started in a 25 X 80 foot warehouse with one lift. Later, the business expanded into a second warehouse measuring 50 X 80 feet with three service bays. A new location is currently under construction that will accommodate five service bays and 4,000 square feet of space. "We pride ourselves as being a one-stop shop," said Ofeldt. "It's where our community and travelers can have their vehicles serviced from bumper to bumper." Another service provided by CP Diesel & Automotive is customer pick up when leaving their vehicle for repairs, or they can pick up a vehicle and return it to the customer once the service is complete. Of the three employees at CP Diesel & Automotive, two are ASE Master Certified Technicians. The company reimburses its employees for their ASE testing. The company also purchases on-line training programs and live seminars. Employee pay is based on education and certifications obtained. For the past three years, CP Diesel & Automotive has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured engines, transmissions, diesel fuel components and turbochargers. "We use JASPER products because of their nationwide warranty, quick availability and knowledgeable staff," said Ofeldt. CP Diesel & Automotive has experienced steady growth over the past four and a half years. With their new facility nearing completion, and plans to open a second location in the next five to seven years, CP Diesel & Automotive will continue to provide quality workmanship at a reasonable price with the best components available.

AG Diesel Repair

Situated in Portland, Oregon, AG Diesel Repair is the focus of this Customer Profile. Though their emphasis is on light-duty diesel engine repair, they are a full-service auto repair facility.

Cameron Tormanen started AG Diesel Repair "Through a lot of hard work," he said. In 1993, the company Cameron worked for went out of business. So he, and a partner, bought the equipment from that closed business. Two years later, Cameron took full ownership of the business and, later that same year, moved the business from its original Oregon City address to Portland.

The original AG Diesel Repair shop in Portland was approximately 4,000 square feet. In 2007, Cameron moved the business again to its current 12,000 square foot shop at 12410 NE Whitaker Way, with 12 service bays. The company not only takes care of light-duty diesel repair, but also auto repair and maintenance, and tire and wheel sales and service. Customers can either wait in the comfortable waiting area, with free Wi-Fi availability and a computer work station, or take advantage of their local shuttle service and 24-hour drop off.

AG Diesel Repair has 14 employees, including three ASE-Certified Technicians in various criteria, and two ASE Master Technicians. AG Diesel Repair technicians are encouraged to further their automotive education by participating in training sessions held every other Thursday night. "We are very involved in our industry," said Cameron. "We host ASA meetings and training workshops for businesses, including our own." Cameron even promotes having his service writers undergo personality training to positively impact customer service.

AG Diesel Repair has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured diesel and gas engines, transmissions and differentials since March of 2007. Why is JASPER their choice for drivetrain components? "For their great customer service, great parts and fantastic reputation in the industry," said Cameron. "Since the first purchase in 2007, the main factor of repeat business is JASPER’s customer service."

The business philosophy at AG Diesel Repair considers everything they do as a three-way win. "First and foremost, the customer must win," said Cameron. "Then my employees win, and finally the business wins."

"Being able to understand and empathize with a customer allows us to always help fulfill our customer’s needs," he added.

Customer Profile: Terry’s Automotive

Today’s Customer Profile is on Terry’s Automotive, a full-service auto repair facility located in Olympia, Washington.

Terry Holstrom started his business in 1976 with a service station and two bays. Three years later, Terry moved to a larger facility with four bays; doubling his service capacity. By 1981, Terry had outgrown his four-bay location. So he banked his future on the success of an 11-bay facility at 2021 Harrison Avenue Northwest, on Olympia’s west side. Over 30 years later, Terry’s Automotive is thriving with three specialty shops, 17 total employees and an ever-growing customer base. Terry’s remains family-owned, now on its second generation, with sons Tod and Robert running the business.

Today, Terry’s Automotive is comprised of an 8,000 square foot full-service repair facility with 14 service bays, a 2,400 square foot performance shop with five service bays and a 2,400 square foot alignment shop with five service bays. “The three specialty shops allows Terry’s Automotive to keep 100% of the repair work in-house,” said Tod Holstrom. “This ensures complete control over all aspects of a repair, and allows quality every time.

All of Terry’s 12 technicians are ASE Certified in multiple fields. Each technician is encouraged to enhance their automotive education through incentive programs, and time off to take certification exams or attend classes. The company does pay for a technician’s education, provided they pass their respective certification exam.

Terry’s Automotive has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured transmissions, gas and diesel engines for over 15 years. “We use JASPER because of their high-quality products, thorough warranty coverage, and support and updates on every product,” said Tod. Terry’s Automotive follows the business philosophy of: Be honest and have integrity... Customer service is everything. “Our customers come to us because of the unique customer service they get at Terry’s Automotive,” said Tod. “We understand and empathize with the unique needs of each of our customers.”

As for the future, Terry’s Automotive will continue investing in equipment and people, to stay on the leading edge of technology. The Holstroms will proceed to service all of their customers' needs.

Lewis County Fleet Services

This Customer Profile takes us to Chehalis, Washington. Situated between Portland, Oregon, and Olympia, Washington, it is the home of Lewis County Fleet Services, a full service auto and truck facility, specializing in fleet repair.

Owner, Bill Franz, had 18 years of automotive experience with Chrysler and Ford as a Master Technician. A friend of Bill’s opened a business in 1990 selling trailers and asked Bill to take care of his trucks. Their fleet grew from 2 to 22 trucks. During that time, word spread of Bill’s quality repairs and, in response, he opened his own business in 1999. The business started with Bill and his wife, Debbie, with two service bays located at 863 Koontz Road in Chehalis. Fast-Forward to today... Lewis County Fleet Services is still on Koontz Road, but now has eight employees working in six service bays and 4,000 square feet of space. Additional equipment at their disposal includes an alignment rack, high-tech driveability diagnostics with OEM scan tools and brake machining tools. “Basically everything except the exhaust,” said Bill.

“Our job is to provide a family-friendly and comfortable environment,” he added. “We use displays and parts to educate our customers to help increase their vehicle knowledge and build trust.” Five of the eight employees are ASE-Certified technicians in various criteria, including Manager, Diagnosis, Transmission, Brakes and two Master Technicians. Lewis County Fleet Services requires technicians to further their automotive education, and reimburses the cost of courses with a passing grade.

Since 2005, Lewis County Fleet Services has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured products, including gas and diesel engines, diesel fuel components, transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. “We will only use JASPER for our remanufactured products,” said Bill, “because of the consistent quality, warranty and reputation in the industry.” “Our customers are our closet friends,” he added. “It is imperative to build a trusting relationship with our customers, so we can help solve the issues with their vehicles which, in turn, affect their lives.” As for the future, Bill’s daughter, Kristi, will take over the business when Bill retires, “which will not be for a longtime,” he quickly added. But for now, Lewis County Fleet Services will continue to provide excellent customer service that exceeds customer expectations.

Fountaindale Auto Center


Fountaindale Auto Center has ten service bays at its Middletown, Maryland, location (above) and five additional service bays at its Frederick location.

Fountaindale Auto Center in Middletown, Maryland, is a full service auto and truck repair facility, and a Preferred Installer of JASPER products. They were recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Independent Repair Facilities in their area, and were presented with the Gold Award at the first annual JASPER Dealer Awards Banquet in Baltimore.

Fountaindale Auto Center started as an Exxon service station in 1968. Current owner, Clark Dayhoff, started pumping gas there in 1985, then worked his way up to service manager and bookkeeper. After leaving the business for a short time, Clark returned and purchased the business in 1999. Four years later, in 2003, he built a new 8,200 square foot facility at 19 East Green Street, with ten service bays. With business thriving, Fountaindale Auto Center expanded in 2010 to a second location in nearby Frederick, Maryland, with five more service bays.

Fountaindale has 10 employees, each of them ASE-Certified in various automotive applications, including Service Advisor. “We constantly send our technicians to class, and we encourage a lot of online training,” Dayhoff said. “We’ll issue pay increases if the technicians pass their tests.”

Customers can utilize Fountaindale’s clean and comfortable waiting area for their automotive repairs to be completed, or they can get a ride on one of three shuttle vans. What’s more unique to Fountaindale Auto Center is that they offer an in-house warranty of two years on all of their work, including brakes.

For the past 15 years, Fountaindale Auto Center has installed the full product line of JASPER quality remanufactured products. “To be the best in your business, you have to partner with companies that are the best,” said Dayhoff. “They have to share our business philosophy that the customer always comes first.” Dayhoff’s long-term dream is to expand Fountaindale Auto Center to a third location. He shared that his children have expressed an interest in learning the business, assuring that Fountaindale Auto
Center stays within the family for many years to come.

Happy Anniversary R.T. Clapp Car Care Center


Black and white photos from 100 years of history hang in the R.T. Clapp Knoxville waiting area.

2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of R.T. Clapp Car Care Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. What started as a battery company in 1914, R.T. Clapp has since developed into one of the premier automotive repair and diagnostic service centers in the greater Knoxville area.

Current owner, Jeff Hendrickson, started his career at a full-service filling station while attending high school, and later attending auto mechanics and marketing classes. While attending college, and working at several automotive centers and local dealerships, Jeff entered the independent automotive market and purchased R.T. Clapp Knoxville in 2010 from business partners Rob Vandergriff, Valerie White and Barry Scarborough, who retain ownership of R.T. Clapp’s Oak Ridge location.

R.T. Clapp Knoxville is one of the largest repair facilities in the Knoxville area. Located at 2045 East Magnolia Avenue, R.T. Clapp has 18 service bays and 15,000 square feet of work space on a two-acre lot. The facility regularly upgrades their diagnostic equipment, provides internet service history records and offers free shuttle service while their customer’s vehicle is being repaired. The facility has ten employees, including three ASE-Certified technicians and one ASE Master Technician. R.T. Clapp encourages their technicians to advance their ASE training and to attend additional training classes in their area.

R.T. Clapp Knoxville has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured gas engines, transmissions and differentials since 1992. Jeff says JASPER products are of consistent quality. “They stand behind their nationwide warranty,” he said. “This reduces shop liability, and is the best value for the shop and for the customers.”

Congratulations to R.T. Clapp Knoxville for providing a century of service to the automotive community. Their business philosophy of standing behind the work they provide, a continued quest for raving fans and building lasting customer relationships, will keep them committed to excellence for the next 100 years.