Four Wheel Drive / All-Wheel Drive Front Differentials

JASPER offers a complete line of front differentials for four wheel drive and all-wheel drive applications. During the JASPER remanufacturing process:

  • Bearings are preloaded to OEM specifications which provides for longer bearing life along with the unit’s smooth operation and its proper break-in.
  • Differentials are inspected for correct backlash clearance. This inspection is performed to assure proper gear lubrication for reduced noise and to avoid overheating, especially important in severe-duty applications.
  • Tooth contact pattern is inspected and adjusted to utilize the full structure of the gear. This procedure assures minimum gear noise and reduced gear fatigue.
  • Loctite® is applied to the bearing races in order to provide maximum securement.
  • JASPER remanufactured Jeep Differentials include electric or air lockers if your application is so equipped.

Jasper Engines and Transmissions also offers 4WD and AWD actuator assemblies.

The 7.25 4WD actuator assemblies include bearings, seals, washers, splined side gears, shift fork and collar and a new electric shift motor.

7.25 AWD actuator assemblies include bearings, seals, washers and splined hub.